Tithokoze Farm is a small fruit and vegetable farm (11ha) located along Mchinji Road in west of Lilongwe City, about 22 kilometers from Mchinji round about populary known as Crossroads. The farm is widely known for its freshly grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits grown on farm include mangoes, banana, papaya and there a plans to include avocado pears, peach and lime (sweet lemon). On the vegetable section, the farm grows tomatoes, green pepper, green beans, cucumbers, eggplants, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, spinach, sweet corn and several other vegetables including some selected herbs like parsley and traditional crops like maize, cassava and sweet potatoes.

Our target markets are the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, colleges and individuals. There are a couple of individuals who drive all the way to our farm to buy fruits and vegetables. Why not! It’s just about 15 minutes drive away. Nothing is more exciting than to buy a fruit and a vegetable fresh from a garden. They can’t be any fleshier than that.

When you buy a fruit, you have a right to ask where the fruit is coming from. If the fruit is from very far away, just know that the fruit was harvested when it was not fully ripe. And the taste is not the best you can get!

The farm is also involved in seedling production the famous of which are mango, peach, orange, papaya, guava, tangerine and banana suckers. The seedlings are sold to local farmers who want to venture into fruit farming.


Core Values:

Freshness and quality

Come to Tithokoze Farm today and buy the freshest fruit and vegetables around.
Our contacts details are below. If you wish to leave us a message or view a map to our farm then visit our contact us page.

along Mchinji Road, after Mpingu Trading Centre
Lilongwe City
+265 1 761 258
+265 999957983 / +265 999 411 916